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New Navy Inspiration

new navy

Update your interiors and make a stylish statement with classic and sophisticated navy blue. The beauty of its depth and richness is perfectly showcased in this month’s distinctive and refined color palette. Perfectly balanced, this collection features warming neutrals and refreshed off-whites as flawless partners to this deep blue hue. Whether you’re looking to transform one area or your entire home, with these inspiring tips you’ll discover how to bring a polished contemporary style to all of your interior spaces.

Quite Peace - Color ID 0592 Summer Beige - Color ID 0132 Always Neutral - Color ID 0559
Turkish Tower - Color ID 0579 Child of Heaven - Color ID 0004  


Be bold and embrace the drama of Quiet Peace. The subtle red undertone of this blue ensures you’ll have a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as a complete revamp of your interior style. For an area that exudes sophistication try this deep and rich hue on a single feature wall. Pair with plush cushions and vases in Summer Beige, a shaded, dusty pink bringing cozy warmth and seamlessly balancing the darker navy blue. Finish with timeless furniture in an off-white like Child of Heaven for a crisp and elegant space.
大胆地接受使用Quiet Peace(色彩名)。在蓝色底色之上使用这种微妙的粉红色调能确保你拥有一个柔和诱人的氛围,此外还能改善你的室内风格。对于一个需展示巧妙设计的区域,可以在一面特色墙上尝试这种深沉而丰富的色调。搭配Summer Beige(色彩名)的毛绒坐垫和花瓶,一个瓶罩,这种无光粉色带来舒适温暖,并无缝平衡衔接这种深蓝色调。最后配上Child of Heaven(色彩名)这种米色的永不过时的家具,形成一个洁净优雅的空间。

New Navy Bedroom Inspiration

To bring light into a room, create a base with the lighter colors in this month’s palette.Always NeutralTurkish Tower and Child of Heaven layered together, make a great choice for bedrooms. The application of this trio of neutrals creates slight shifts in color and tone throughout your room for a mood of relaxation and calm. Elevate your bedroom’s style with lavish pillows and throws in Quiet Peace; this rich navy adds a luxurious contrast and a touch of elegance.
若要将光线引入到房间,可以在本月的调色方案中选取一个浅颜色的底色。Always Neutral, Turkish Tower和Child of Heaven三种颜色层叠在一起,成为卧室的绝佳选择。这三种中性色的运用会在整个房间内产生轻微的色彩和色调变化,让你有一种放松和平静的心情。用Quiet Peace色的让人印象深刻的枕头提升卧室的格调;这款丰富的海军蓝增添了奢华的对比和优雅的气息。

New Navy Kitchen Inspiration

Create a refined dining and kitchen area with this dynamic pairing of Turkish Tower andQuiet Peace. The contrast of light grey and dark navy is a fresh and sophisticated take on monochrome, creating a modern and crisp style. Finish with black worktops and fittings to complete the look.
通过Turkish Tower和Quiet Peace(色彩名),打造一个精致的就餐区和厨房区。浅灰色和深海军蓝是两种新出的巧妙的单色调,通过两者对比创造了一个现代洁净的风格。最后用黑色的工作台面和配饰来完成整个外观造型。

New Navy Wall and Ceiling New Navy Chair and Wall Accent

Explore the versatility this collection of colors has to offer and immerse yourself in the possibilities of Quiet Peace. Whether you’re planning to introduce navy in small proportions on base boards and ceilings, or in larger expanses of wall space, this rich shade will completely transform your interior style. From accents, monochromatic schemes, tonal gradients and feature walls, this month’s palette shows new ways to create a uniquely stylish interior.
探索这一系列颜色的多样性,让自己沉浸在Quiet Peace营造的各种可能之中。无论你是打算在地板和天花板上小比例的使用这种海军蓝,还是在大面积的墙壁空间中使用,这种丰富的色调都会彻底改变你的室内风格。从背景,单色方案,色调梯度和特色墙,本月的调色方案揭示了创建独特时尚室内风格的新方法。





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